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Youth Leaders are the energy that fuel all of our youth bowling efforts. They are the future of the sport and their growth is an essential part of making bowling successful and expanding the USBC Youth membership. Youth Leader Programs give youth the opportunity to strengthen their leadership skills and enhance the sport of bowling through promotion, education and involvement.

The best Youth Leaders aspire to win the Youth Leader of the Year Award and the $1,500 scholarship that goes with it. Only two are handed out each year - one to a female and one to a male. One of these two winners, selected in an interview process, will really have a say in what goes on in bowling as he or she sits on the USBC Youth Committee and has voting rights for two years. Each local association with an operating Youth Leader Program should select a male and female each year and enter them into the Youth Leader of the Year competition.

Youth Leader Programs offer enthusiastic, energetic, young bowlers an opportunity to take a leadership role in promoting and expanding bowling while having fun. Youth learn important life skills as they take on future leadership roles. Youth will have a dynamic role in lots of activities at the decision-making level of bowling, including:

*       setting goals

*       building teamwork

*       coordinating and leading meetings

*       promoting and recruiting youth bowling programs

*       holding fund-raisers

*       planning tournaments

*       coaching in USBC Youth leagues

*       training and mentoring other youth bowlers

*       awarding scholarships