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Info for youth Bowling in Tennessee


03/21/2016 09:40 PM


Committees For 2014-2015

Audit: Pam Murray**,Gene Jenkins* Marcia Gipson, and Shauna Crowe

Youth Leaders: 
Brenda Green**, Ray Frealy*, Debbie Knott and Penny Harris

Legislative: Linda Frizzell**,Charles Manning*, George Norton

Volunteer Of Year:  Gene Jenkins**,Scott Meredith*, Shauna Crowe and Youth Board

Nominating: Marsha Curran**, Kelly Martin*, Virginia Singleton, Linda Frizzell and George Norton

Web Site/ Facebook: George Norton**,  Debbie Knott*, Brenda Green, Penny Harris, and Ray Frealy.

Annual Meeting: Charles Manning**, Marsha Curran
*, Virginia Singleton.

Tournament Rotation-   Scott Merrdith**, Marica Gipson*, Kelly Martin and Pam Murray.


State- Penny Harris- Manager, Charles Manning -Doubles/Singles, Debbie Knott - Teams
Pepsi- Brenda Green- Manager,  Youth Board
Top 5-
Ray Frealy- Manager, Debbie Knott and Youth Board



**Chairman *Co-Chairman